• UEP-200


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Finally, a Blend Epilator that combines quality, functionality and design, all at a price any Electrologist can afford.

This compact, quality and easy to use Epilator was designed with the discerning Electrologist in mind. Once you familiarize yourself with the EP200, you will find it quite easy and enjoyable to use. The controls are simple to operate and deliver well-regulated and comfortable treatments.

You will find the EP200 solidly built with an enameled metal cabinet. And, under the cabinet lies the highest quality electronic components. The EP200 was also designed for international use and can be switched from 110 volts to 220 volts very easily. There is a full one-year warranty on the machine for manufacturing defects and 90 days on accessories.

Finally, the EP200 comes complete with a healthy supply of Uniprobes (100 probes) (the safest needle in the world). You will find Uniprobes more competitively priced, safer, and easier to use than any other Electrolysis probes.

We are confident you will find both the EP200 and our Uniprobes a wonderful enhancement to your practice.