• Elegance Epilator by Clareblend (drop ships)

Elegance Epilator by Clareblend (drop ships)


Electric Spa , in conjunction with Clareblend, is proud to offer this Solution for Permanent Hair Removal. It's two machines in one.

  • Auto memory recall of previous used settings when toggling between Flash and manual modalities
  • Single Current Modalities
  • DC RF (Low Intensity)
  • Blend
  • Proven Blend Pre-sets for all hair types
  • Note: All presets fully adjustable by Electrologist
  • Quick Release RF (Flash)
  • Proven Quick Release Pre-sets for all hair types
  • Fully adjustable by Electrologist
  • Pulsing in milliseconds – adjustable pulse widths for customizing to hair type
  • Safety: Current Auto-shut off
  • Pulse Display
  • Autosense – no footswitch
  • Additional Features
  • Current activation:
  • 2 footswitches (blend or single current)
  • Autoblend, (1 foot switch, blend)
  • Autosense (no footswitch, single, dual currents or flash)
    Pulse: Added client comfort
  • Low intensity RF pulsing in milliseconds. Use with blend or RF. Dual outputs utilized in the same treatment. New technology provides increased RF accuracy resulting in added client comfort.
  • Desensitize the skin Activate with foot switch or continuous flow. Also available in flash mode.
  • Epilation Increment Display/counter
    Increments with foot pedal or autosense – 999 max
  • Timers
     Session – 5 minute warning tone
  • UL Display  Auto calculation. Units of lye calculated when using DC current and  treatment timer.
  • Phoresis
    Positive polarity for post electrology
    Negative polarity for skin treatments.
    Test Feature for Accessories

NOTE**** This item drop ships from California.
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