Standard Needles vs UniProbe FAQ's

Standard needles or UniProbe? What's the difference?

UniProbe is a hybrid, disposable needle that combines needle and cap. No more buying or sterilizing caps

What sizes are available in UniProbe?

UniProbe is available in a complete range of sizes that are comparable, in feel, to any standard needle.They are available in short, medium, and long. Check out our comparison chart.

Why are there different colors?

UniProbes are color coded for size (i.e. UniProbe size 3 is white, size 5 gray). Just look at the color and you know the size.

How does the cost of UniProbe compare to standard two-piece needles?
UniProbe has held the same average price since it's introduction (over fifteen years) and a standard pack of 50 UniProbes retails for well below all other epilation needles.

Can I try UniProbe on my current epilator?
Yes. In most cases you can you sample UniProbe for free. Email us a request noting your brand epilator, the brand needle you use, and the size.  We have test adapters to fit most standard needle holders. this simple how to video.

What is Daisy?
Daisy is a simple system that saves you $$$ by giving you the option of using a variety of hand pieces (UniProbe or F-shank). It includes a detachable cord, fitted with a connector, for your epilator.

I don't see my machine's connector on the chart.
In most cases we will be able to make the right connector for your cord. Email us if you don't see it.

Are there instructions on how to use UniProbe?
Yes, we will include step by step instructions in your purchase and you can also view this simple how to video.

Email us or message us, on our about page, if you have any questions.